Wellness Services and Classes

Private Wellness sessions and Fitness classes tailored for your needs. If you don't see a type of session, class, or length of time, feel free to ask for it.

- Wellness Programs, Fitness Routines, Classes and Therapeutic Yoga practices designed for you individually, with your family, or the team you work with. Sessions avaliable to you in at your home, office, gym, outdoors or any location using video chat.

Sessions in person are currently available in Northern California; e.g. Sacramento, Folsom, Eldorado Hills, Nevada City and Grass Valley.
Travel fees may be applied to session price.

Therapeutic Yoga Sessions
Improve your quality of life today with this therapeutic application of yogic techniques. Considering your objective of achieving a particular physiological, psychological or spiritual goals, the yogic tools employed are comprised of intelligently conceived steps that include but are not limited to Patanjali's Eight Limbs of Yoga, the art and science dedicated to creating union between body, mind and spirit. Obtain balance in your life with a customized program of holistic applications of ayurveda (the science of life), pranayama (breathing techniques), asanas (poses) meditation, textual study, spiritual or psychological counseling, chanting, imagery, prayer, and ritual all to meet your needs. Yoga therapy respects individual differences in age, culture, religion, philosophy, occupation, mental wellness and physical health. Session notes and materials are offered to support your home practice. An initial assessment session to determine your constitution (dosha or body type) and one follow up session are required to begin your healing journey.

- 90 Minutes for initial assessment and 60 minutes for follow up - $150.00
See session options below for additional follow up sessions.

Private Wellness/Personal Training Sessions
Exciting and fun wellness/fitness routines designed just for you to enhance your endurance, gain flexibility and build strength, using weights, resistance bands, balance balls, Yoga, Pilates, Boot Camps, Dance and the Great Outdoors as easy to use at home tools. These, one on one, sessions may also include any combination of the below:
- Wellness Coaching or Spiritual Counseling - Introspective guidance geared towards feeling at your best today as well as teaching useful tools too obtain your future personal goals. Healing trauma and obtaining assistance in gaining balance, focus and strength during challenging times or big life events
- Nutrition/Dietary/Ayurvedic Counseling- Guidance towards which foods serve your constitution best metabolically, along with building your awareness on what depletes you
- Food Shopping Excursions- Learn where to shop, how to read labels and what to look for when food shopping
- Cooking Lessons- Learn how to easily prepare delicious, wholesome meals in your home
- Confidence Building & Personal Style Consultations- Professional Hair, Skin, Makeup and Style suggestions, clear out your closet and update your look in ways you can afford
- Essential Oil Education Session -During this session you will learn about the healing benefits of Young Living Essential Oils, receive guidance about which oils would work best for you, and obtain instructions and materials of how to apply/use them.

Session Prices
- 1 hour - $80.00
- 90 Minutes - $100.00
-$360.00 360 Degree Change Package
Create the habit of wellness with six, 60 minute sessions - to be used within 6 weeks of signup. (Popular Choice)

These healing sessions includes a head, hand and or foot reflexology application of the finest therapeutic grade essential oils, chosen specifically for your needs. Indulge yourself in this therapeutic experience.

- 60 Minute Session $75.00
- 90 Minute session $90.00

Ask about Massage in Tandem with Aromatherapy!

Do you find yourself experiencing high levels of anxiety and stress in your life? Do you have too much to do and too little time to do it in? Perhaps you feel overwhelmed or fatigued much of the time, and cannot seem to get enough rest. Does fear consume and cripple you anytime you want to make a change. If any of these scenarios are true, know it does not have to be this way.

Through meditation one can find true inner peace and strength. Without inner peace outer peace is impossible. Inner turmoil, anger, jealousy, and fear are states of mind that rob us from experiencing a joyful healthy and successful life. They wear down our immune system and challenge our ability to manifest abundance of good in our lives. Using basic meditation techniques harmonize the life force in the body, removing harmful stress and promote health and vitality.

In one 90 minute session you can learn how to meditate effectively and change your life today. Yoga meditation is the time-proven way of unblocking our infinite potential. The benefits of meditation are multiple. Through regular practice, subtle transformations take place in one's body, mind and spirit. Some of these benefit s are even experienced immediately. Inner peace is one of the first fruits of meditation. Along with that come greater clarity, understanding and guidance from within. As one progresses with their practice it becomes more apparent that meditation brings objectivity and intuitive knowledge of how to address the problems that arise in our daily lives as well as improving concentration, efficiency and attitude toward work. Meditation expands our capacity to give and receive unconditional love we gain greater harmony and joy within relationships and family life. It helps us to attune to our highest level of divine consciousness within, discovering our center of unshakable peace, joy and fulfillment.

- 90 Minute session $90.00

Health and Wellness Assesments for Personal Training
Assessments of your wellness goals, metabolic system and lifestyle. These sessions may include recommendations involving nutrition, exercise, Yoga, meditation and lifestyle. These assessments are essential for me in finding the most effective and harmonious way for you to achieve your goals.

- 90 Minute session $75.00 or complimentary along with my 360 Degree Change 6 session package or enrollment of Young Living Essential Oils or ISAGENIX

Zany Interactive Classes

Go With the Flow Yoga
Join us for this gentle Hatha flow class and enjoy the experience of purifying and harmonizing your mind, body and spirit by linking movement through yoga postures (Asanas) and mindful breathing. This enchanting class offers students of all levels the opportunity to return to the fundamentals of yoga in a fun, non-competitive environment. All levels are welcome!

Hatha Yoga
This is an inspirational Ananda Yoga Style Hatha Yoga class designed to improve our well being, physical strength, flexibility and peace of mind. This gentle healing format is not only a "work out" but a "work in" as we learn to direct our energy inward and upward to our own highest potential. Class begins with a grounding breathing exercise which enables us to tune into a higher vibration together, prior to our revitalizing and healing yoga practice. The use of correlating affirmations in conjunction with the physical poses (Asanas) brings a deeper understanding of ourselves and our practice of yoga. Classes conclude with deep relaxation. This class is fortifying to our entire lives, teaching us how to tap into a more harmonious frame of mind as well as to incorporate proper form and body mechanics in our daily routine. This class is intended to educate and enhance ones yoga experience and is beginner friendly. All levels are welcome!

Energization Exercises
Scientifically studied and proven to increase balance and cognition. These exercises are Paramhansa Yogananda's unique contribution to the science of yoga. They use a combination of concentration, will and breath to direct the flow of energy to various body parts. These Energization Exercises are means of using will, with awareness of energy, to consciously draw cosmic energy into the body. Then, by the use of your will power, you can direct the flow of energy to specific parts of the book body. The more you become aware of using your willpower to direct energy the more you will be able to increase the flow. Some of the benefits of being able to control and harmonize the flow of energy (our life force) are: increased vitality due to the body cells being highly energized, increased recovery rate from injury or illness, greater ability to focus on the task at hand whether at work or meditation, ease overcoming obstacles of unwanted attitudes and habits. The laws of magnetism are directly related to the laws of energy.

Restorative Yoga -SPECIALTY CLASS
Restorative yoga is a practice of being not doing. It is active relaxation, meaning the longer you hold the pose the more you are able to release physical, mental and emotional layers of tension held in the body. In general, it is recommended that restorative postures be used during times when feeling ill, fatigued, low energy or stressed out, this is when we are most vulnerable. They are especially beneficial for the times before, during or after major life events such as changing jobs, relationships, homes or losing a loved one. These poses, affirmations and visualizations are designed to help cope with these changes. Restorative yoga postures create physiological responses that are beneficial to health and can reduce the effects of stress-related disease. There are restorative yoga series for most every type of chronic or stress related illness. All of these poses are done on the floor with blankets, pillows and props supporting the entire body. Restorative yoga is healing to the body, mind and soul.

Restorative Yoga for the Chakras with Aromatherapy -SPECIALTY CLASS
The Restorative Yoga Poses and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils used in this series address healing our Chakras. Our seven Chakras are energy centers that make up our Energy Body, each one relating to different parts of our body, mind and spirit. Our busy lifestyles, stress, trauma and life changing events have a great impact on our energy, and often that energy becomes blocked. When we have blocked energy, we malfunction in one way or another. This blocked energy zaps our power and can manifest as illness, disease, sluggishness, feelings of being stuck or a lack of purpose in our lives. With this heavenly combination of affirmations, visualizations, essential oils and your body being completely supported by blankets, pillows and props, you will feel yourself absolutely relax and release into each pose deeply, which is balancing, clearing and restorative for the Chakras.

Aroma Yo
This enchantingly informative class features different yoga postures, essential oil application and meditations for specific health conditions. Come and delight in this most pleasant way to enhance your wellness.

Global Vibes
This signature class is a super fun to do full body workout, with specific attention to building your core strength. The entire format is infused with Yoga & Pilates with emphasis on, (easy to do) World Dance moves, Boxing and Plyometrics, all designed to increase a harmonious balance in your body, spirit and mind. This exciting format improves flexibility, builds strength and stamina and is fortifying to your entire life as it teaches you to incorporate proper form and body mechanics in your daily routine. If you're looking for an outlet to de-stress and have a great time while burning up those calories with a deeply effective workout, this is the class for you. This class is also offered slightly modified for seniors.

Bootcamp Bliss
This family or group friendly, full body workout class builds strength, increases your stamina and burns up those calories, all while grounding you into nature. Kick it into high gear and enjoy the great outdoors for every moment of it. This high energy format may include Hatha yoga, the use of weights in conjunction with plyometrics, jogging, running and hiking. Jump-start your health with this powerful workout.

Twighlight Fitness
All of the above classes modified to serve people over 65, or those who are rehabilitating and/or in need of low impact. A full range of chair fitness classes are also available.


Customed designed classes around the therapeutic needs of the participants. Balance, strength, flexibility and chair friendly classes are available.

Four or More People Private or Corporate Class of Your Choice
Schedule a 1 hour class (time may be longer) with 4 or more people in your home or office and at your convenience! (Location options available, price may vary) Choose from any of the classes above.

- Private Class pricing begins at $60.00.
- Pricing varies based on location, SPECIALTY CLASSES and classes longer than 1 hour, contact Michele for more details.
- Meditation classes are considered SPECIALTY CLASSES and are available for groups in a series of 4 - one hour classes which may be scheduled as a single four hour workshop or may be divided into 2 or 4 sessions.

See the Zany Interactive Calendar for public class locations, prices, what to bring and all updates. Just click on the class for the details.

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